10-Year Plan

​​​​​​​​​​The 10-Year Plan is a document which sets the direction for the district and is formally reviewed and updated every three years.  It describes the activities of Council and shows the whole picture of how the activities are managed, delivered and funded. 

10-Year Plan 2018-28

"Ambitious but affordable" is ​​the theme of Council's draft 10-Year Plan. With a big focus on core infrastructure to ensure the district is ready for projected growth, Council has also budgeted for a number of community and heritage projects. The supporting information below is the basis of the proposed 2018-28 10-Year Plan document. This plan will be compiled following public consultation, once Council has confirmed its direction.​

Public consultation on the draft 10-Year Plan's major projects was open from Thursday 15 March - Friday 20 April 2018. 

Supporting information

 Draft Infrastructure Strategy [PDF, 102 pages, 0.8MB]

 Draft Financial Strategy [PDF, 34 pages, 0.6MB]

 Draft Significant Forecasting Assumptions [PDF, 25 pages, 0.6​MB]

 Draft Groups of Activities [PDF, 65 pages, 1​MB]

 Draft Development Contributions Policy [PDF, 59 pages, 4MB]

 Draft Revenue and Financing Policy [PDF, 26 pages, 0.4​MB]

 Draft Remission and Postponement of Rates Policy [PDF, 15 pages, 0.25MB]

 Significance and Engagement Policy [PDF, 11 pages, 0.25MB]

 Draft Rates Information [PDF, 47 pages, 0.6MB]

 Draft Heritage Activity Management Plan [PDF, 209 pages, 3.2MB]

 Draft Treasury Management Policy​ [PDF, 16 pages, 0.2MB]

10-Year Plan 2015-25​

The 10-Year Plan 2015-25 was been developed with a strong focus on affordability and sustainability and aims to strike a balance for our vision of Waipa over the next 10 years. View information on our current major projects.

 10-Year Plan 2015-25 

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