Annual Resident’s Survey

We have several ways of engaging with our community to gain a better understanding of your thoughts and opinions. One path of engagement is through our resident surveying.

The main objectives are to:

  • Test residents' perceptions around the environment and lifestyle associated with Waipa district, satisfaction with council services, leadership, financial management and value for money
  • Provide measurable performance criteria, that we can monitor over time
  • Identify areas for improvement

Annual Resident's Survey 2016

Council undertook a new resident survey for the 2015/16 year to help Council understand how it is tracking against the strategic goals and outcomes.

The survey was carried out in May by independent research house Key Research targeting more than 400 Waipa residents picked at random.  

A further 100 residents will be surveyed each quarter on an ongoing basis. The survey is totally confidential and  the results will be used in the planning of services, improvements and Council spending. The results provide critical and representative feedback from a cross section of people living in the district.

 Resident survey report 2016

For further information, please contact:

Georgina Knapp
Waipa District Council
Phone 07 872 0030

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