What’s next for Memorial Park bridge?

In October last year we had to close the pedestrian bridge at Memorial Park after concerns were raised with its safety. Now it’s time to look at the future of the area.

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There are three pedestrian bridges that provide access from Pioneer Walkway to Memorial Park, over the Mangaohoi Stream. Two bridges on either end of the park are fully functional and in great condition. 

The pedestrian bridge in Memorial Park, across the Mangaohoi Stream, has been closed since October 2017.  A routine structural assessment showed some big concerns regarding the stability of the bridge. 

The future of the bridge

There are two options for the future of the bridge:

Option 1 

The pedestrian bridge is removed and access is improved to the playground and pond area via the existing two bridges in Memorial Park. The cost to do this is estimated to be $50,000. 

This is our preferred option because it has a lower cost and there are already two other bridges within 200m of this bridge. 

Option 2

The pedestrian bridge is removed and a replacement bridge is built at the existing site, providing three bridges to Memorial Park across the Mangaohoi Stream. 

The cost to remove the existing bridge and build a new pedestrian bridge is estimated to be $130,000. 

At the same time…

Council is looking to remove the water fountain at Memorial Park. This fountain is not currently in use. 

The children’s play area is close by and safety concerns have been raised that the fountain is a climbing hazard for young kids. Even when working, it is an older style fountain which uses too much water. 

Have your say

We need your feedback by Friday 25 May 2018.

After consultation closes, Council will review your feedback and make a decision about how to use the space. If you include your contact details with your feedback, we'll let you know the outcome.

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