Waipa 2050 and Waipa District Plan (part Operative)

​​​The Waipa 2050 project is a framework focused on planning for the future in an integrated and coordinated manner.  It is a key component to implementing Future Proof in the Waipa district. 

It consists of the following key documents:

  • Waipa District Plan (part Operative)
  • Environment Strategy
  • Town Concept Plans
  • District Growth Strategy

Waipa District Plan (part Operative)

​The Waipa District Plan (part Operative) is a key document for the District as it contains policy guidance and rules on development and subdivision and also seeks to protect important buildings, landscapes and natural areas. The Waipa District Plan was made part operative 1 November 2016. 

District Growth Strategy

The Growth Strategy is a plan to manage the growth of the district with the overall aim to take an integrated approach to managing growth. The link above contains the background reports to the proposed district plan.​

Environment Strategy

Waipa is a diverse district that is renowned for its outstanding landscapes and special sites.
The Environment Strategy provides guidance to the council and community on how environmental issues and features should be managed.

The goal of the Environment Strategy is to:

  • Promote a vision for change in the Waipa District
  • Set goals that will achieve and sustain the vision over time
  • Identify the issues that need to be managed
  • Identify current actions, likely solutions and clarifying functions
  • Prioritise each issue according to its significance and achievability
  • Implement a monitoring and review process​

Hautapu Structure Plan 2008

The purpose of the Structure Plan process has been to consider development within the Hautapu industrial growth cell, determine infrastructure and establish a framework for how the implementation is to be managed in the Waipa District Plan.

This report provides details of the proposed structure plan, and forms supporting documentation for the proposed plan change to rezone the land for industrial purposes.​
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