Plan Change 5 - Waipa 2050 Growth Strategy

Plan Change 5 rezones all of the growth cells identified in our Growth Strategy zoned as Rural to Deferred Zoning and introduces changes for release of deferred zones. These amendments include changes to Sections 1 - Strategic Policy Framework, Section 14 - Deferred Zone, Appendix S1 - Growth Cells, Staging, Predictions for Release and Infrastructure Requirements and the Planning Maps of the District Plan.

Plan Change 5 is an amendment to the District Plan to incorporate key changes made to the updated Waipa 2050 Growth Strategy. These changes are important in taking account of revised population projections and the requirements of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPSUDC).


​Notified15 March 2018
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​​ Plan Change 5 and Section 32 Report
 Appendix A - Section 14 Deferred Zone
 Appendix B - Appendix S1 Growth Cells, Staging, Preconditions for Release and Infrastructure Requirements
 Appendix C - Planning Maps
 Public Notice - 15 March 2018
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