Waipa District Plan – Plan Change

What stage is each Plan Change at?

When Council has notified a plan change to the Waipa District Plan, the progress will be updated on this section of the website. 

Find out more about the progress of the plan change.

Plan ChangeNature of Plan ChangeStatus
​Plan Change 1 - Zoning and Picquet Hill Structure Plan Boundary Adjustment
Plan Change 1 sought to adjust the zone and Picquet Hill Structure Plan boundary between the Residential Zoned Area and the Rural Zoned area at 2025 Cambridge Road, Te Awamutu.

Plan Change 1 became operative on 27 January 2017.
Plan Change 3 - ​Athlone Drive

​Plan Change 3 comprises two key components:

  • Rezoning of the Deferred Reserve Zone encroaching a number of residential sites on Athlone Drive and Thornton Road to either Large Lot Residential or Residential; and
  • Rezoning the Te Puna Roimata site from Large Lot Residential and Deferred Reserve Zone to Reserve Zone.

​Public consultation closed on 15 September 2017. 

A decision is expected in December 2017.

​Plan Change 5 - Waipa 2050 Growth StrategyPlan Change 5 is an important amendment to the District Plan to incorporate key changes made in the updated Waipa 2050 Growth Strategy.

Public consultation commenced on 9 November and will close on 15 December 2017.

​Plan Change 6 - Hautapu Industrial Structure Plan​Plan Change 6 incorporates the revised and updated Hautapu industrial Structure Plan.Public consultation commenced on 9 November and will close on 15 December 2017.
Plan Change 7 - C1, C2 and C3 Structure Plans​Plan Change 7 adopts the structure plans for the C1, C2 and C3 growth cells for future urban development.Public consultation commenced on 9 November and will close on 15 December 2017.

Who can make a submission?

Any person may make a submission on a Plan Change. To make a submission simply complete and lodge a Plan Change Submission Form. 

How do I make a submission?

You can make a submission by filling out a Plan Change Submission Form. The submission forms are available online or you can pick one up from our offices in Cambridge or Te Awamutu.

The form needs to be submitted to Waipa District Council either by post, email or hand delivery by 5pm on the close of submission date.

 Download a Plan Change submission form

What happens after a submission has been made?

Following the close of submissions, Council will notify the Summary of Submissions. Any person who is representing a relevant aspect of the public interest, or has an interest that is greater than the interest of the general public, may make a further submission. A further submission is limited to a matter of support of, or opposition to, an original submission.

Every person who makes a submission, or a further submission, and who has requested to be heard, will be given at least 10 working days notice of the time, date and place of the hearing of that submission by the Council and will be entitled to be heard in support of that submission. 

Every person who makes a submission will be notified of the decision of the Waipa District Council on that submission together with the Council's reasons for accepting or rejecting any submission.

Any person who makes a submission may appeal the Council's decision to the Environment Court, providing the subject of the Appeal was referred to in that person's submission. The process for such Appeals is set out in Clause 14 of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991.

Who can I contact for more info?

Any person wishing to obtain further information, or discuss aspects of the above Plan Change on the Waipa District Plan, may send an email to districtplan@waipadc.govt.nz or telephone Council on 0800 924 723.

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