Walks of Fame

The Walks of Fame in both Te Awamutu and Cambridge are now well established and provide an apt way in which to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievers of Te Awamutu and Cambridge.

The intent is for recipients of "outstanding achievement" to be acknowledged by way of a special pou or plaque (name and field of achievement) placed on the Walk of Fame in Selwyn Park, Te Awamutu and Duke Street in Cambridge.

Walks of Fame history

Cambridge Walk of Fame


24 sporting achievers were inducted into the Cambridge Sports Walk of Fame in 2003 and their plaques installed in Duke Street.  Another 5 sportspeople were installed in 2006, 4 more in 2009 and 1 in 2014. 


As part of the Cambridge CBD upgrade project (early 2000's) 18 equine mosaics were commissioned and installed along Victoria Street.  The equine statue (horse & foal by Town Hall) was unveiled in March 2004.

One more equine mosaic was installed in Victoria Street at the time of the 2009 Duke Street inductions and in 2014 another 3 were installed.

Te Awamutu Walk of Fame

The Te Awamutu Walk of Fame came into being in 2009 through the Heart of Te Awamutu project. It was officially opened by Kingi Tuheitia on 15 November 2009 and 18 pou were unveiled. 

In 2011 the Waharoa was officially unveiled.  This was a joint project between Council and Te Wananga o Aotearoa. In June 2013 another 5 pou were unveiled (Leanne Baker, Sir Grant Hammond, Lloyd Lee, Mary Scott & Phillip Tataurangi.

Policy and nomination forms

If you know of anyone you think would be eligible for the Walks of Fame please check with the current Walks of Fame policy for both towns. 

 Cambridge Walk of Fame policy 

 Te Awamutu Walks of Fame policy 

This form is for the nomination of persons into the Cambridge (Sporting Champions) and Te Awamutu Walks of Fame.

 Nomination form - Walks of Fame  

Walk of Fame - Cambridge 

The two maps listed show the current names of Cambridge sports champions residing on the Walk of Fame in Duke Street, Cambridge and also the current Cambridge horse mosaics. 

 Duke Street, Cambridge - Walk of Fame

 Cambridge Horse Mosaics 

Walk of Fame -  Te Awamutu 

Below are the names of people currently on the Walk of Fame pou in Selwyn Park, Te Awamutu.

  • Rewi Maniapoto
  • Neil & Tim Finn
  • Doug & Mike Tamaki
  • Rev John Morgan
  • Joey Allan
  • Oscar Natzka
  • Dr Lindsay Rogers
  • Andrew Nicholson
  • Jim Wynyard
  • Harvey White
  • Paddy & Pat Stephens
  • John Rochfort
  • Tony Herlihy
  • Lloyd Mandeno
  • Alan Wallace
  • Tony Kay
  • Brendon Cameron
  • Rongo Wetere
  • Leanne Baker
  • Lloyd Lee
  • Mary Scott
  • Philip Tataurangi
  • Sir Grant Hammond

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