Fire Control


Fire areas in Waipa

Regardless of whether you require a permit, any person lighting a fire or allowing a fire to remain alight has an obligation to ensure it does not cause nuisance or damage. 

It is important to note that the person who is in charge of the fire is ultimately responsible for any damage it may cause, despite the fact that it may be permitted.

Fire control in the Waipa district is administered by Fire and Emergency New Zealand Waikato for rural areas, and by Waipa District Council for urban areas.

Who's issuing my fire permit?

If you're not sure who should be issuing your fire permit, then use our map tool to check your prop​erty's fire authorisation area​.

On 1 July 2017, the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 came into force. This Act repeals the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1976, with immediate effect.

This webpage and related Fire Control information will be progressively updated to reflect the requirements of the Act. If you have any questions, please contact Fire and Emergency New Zealand​.

Urban fire areas

Fires in the open air in the urban areas of Te Awamutu, Kihikihi, Cambridge and Leamington are restricted all year round. This means that all fires in the open air require a permit under the local Fire Bylaw 2011.

Waipa District Council can authorise permits within three working days of application. In some instances, we may need to do a site visit to ensure the fire can be lit safely.

Apply online for your urban area fire permit.​

Use our map tool to check if your​ property is located in an urban or rural fire authorisation area​.

Rural fire areas

Fire and Emergency New Zealand​ is the Rural Fire Authority for all of the rural fire area in Waipa district.

Fires in the rural areas can be restricted due to peat soils all year round or often in the summer months with continuous dry and windy weather conditions. Always check if you need a permit to burn first. Regardless of whether you have a permit, any person lighting a fire or allowing a fire to remain alight has an obligation to ensure it does not cause nuisance or damage.

Use our map tool to check if your property is located​ in an urban or rural fire authorisation area​.

For more information, please go to: Check It's Alright To Light​

The rural fire area does not include Department of Conservation reserves. Within Department of Conservation reserves, any fires in the open air will require a Rural Fire Permit from Department of Conservation.

NB: Rural Fire Permits are required all year round in public conservation lands. In the urban areas of Te Awamutu/Kihikihi & Cambridge/Leamington an Urban Fire Permit is also required all year round.

Fire safety tips

Here are some tips for keeping a safer fire:

  • Supervise fires at all times.
  • Don't annoy your neighbours with smoke nuisance.
  • Do not light in windy conditions
  • Fire must not be left to burn where there is a chance of spread.
  • Water and/or other equipment should be kept handy if available.
  • The fire should be completely extinguished on completion of the burn.
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