Dog Registration

Registration fees provide funding towards our 24-hour dog control service, maintaining pound facilities, maintaining  exercise areas and signage, provision and maintenance of "doggy doo" bins and dispenser bags at selected dog exercise areas, as well as public education initiatives and administration costs.​

Dog Registrations

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires that all dogs in New Zealand be registered by three months of age. The registration year runs from 1 July to 30 June and payment is required before 30 June to avoid a 50% penalty fee.

For new registrations, Waipa District Council has a registration pack containing all the information you need about dog ownership in our district, as well as an application form for you to complete.

To request a dog registration pack, contact our customer support team. 

 Dog registration application form. 
 Application for dog registration refund

Pay online - Dog registration

​You can now make your dog registration completely online.

Apply online – Dog registration refund

You can now save time and process a change in your dog's registration refund completely online.  

Apply online - Change dog details (new address)

You can now save time and process a change in your dog's address details completely online. 

Registration date update

The due date of your dog registration fee has changed. From 2016 onwards, dog registration fees will be due by 30 June.

Here’s a few reasons why we’ve changed the date:

  • To align the payment due date with registration dates (all dogs in New Zealand are registered from 1 July – 30 June each year).
  • Most other councils in New Zealand have a due date of 30 June, so having the same due date will make it a lot simpler if you and your dog move districts.
  • Farmers can register and update their farm dogs details right before the big move on 1 June.
  • Some of you told us you forgot the payment due date because it was different to the registration due date.​​​​

Applying for more dogs

The Dog Control Bylaw 2015 restricts the number of dogs kept on urban properties to 2 dogs and at rural dwellings to 5 dogs; however you can apply to keep more than the allowed number of dogs.

Registration fees

Dog registration fees vary in cost depending on where in the district you live. Failure to register a pup by three months of age, or any adult dog within 14 days of new ownership, will also incur a penalty fee of 50 percent on top of the relevant fee.

The rural registration fee is $50 and the urban registration fee is $89. 

However the urban fee can be reduced by keeping your dog in a property with a dog proof fence (requires inspection) and/or by having your dog desexed (vet certificate required).

 Apply for a fence rebate.

Apply online - fence rebate application 

You can now save time and apply for a fencing rebate application completely online. 

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