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Cemetery Records

How do I find out if a relative is buried in a Waipa cemetery?

Contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 924 723 and they will search our cemetery database using information such as name, date of birth, date of death etc.


What are the costs?

For a list of fees and charges, click here.

How do I pay? Can I expect an invoice?

An invoice will be issued within two weeks of a burial to the person / funeral director who has signed the Indemnity for Burial Charges on the interment application.
Invoices are to be paid in full by the 20th of the following month.

Can I still get buried in the Waipa District if I'm not a resident?

Yes, you can. An application can be made by anyone to purchase a plot and be interred in a Waipa cemetery. We do add a charge of 50 percent to the total charges to assist in the maintenance of the cemetery as it is subsidised by Waipa District ratepayers.

Plots & Cemetery Information

I am an RSA member in another District can I be buried in the Cambridge RSA section?

As long as you have been a serving member, you may be interred in any RSA cemetery in New Zealand.

Can a spouse of a Returned Services person be interred into the RSA section if he/she dies before the Returned Services person?


Can I choose the plot I want to reserve?

Yes – but within reason. A customer may choose a plot but the sexton must confirm the reservation. A reserve plot must be paid for in full on application including the surcharge. When an interment takes place, this will be invoiced at the time.

What does the reserve plot surcharge cover?

Reservation of plots results in inconsistent use of cemetery plots. It is inconvenient and sometimes difficult to access plots some years down the track due to the erection of headstones etc. This covers the ongoing maintenance of the reserved area.

If I no longer want my reserved plot can I sell it back to Waipa District Council?

No, you should contact a funeral director as they may be able to  sell it on your behalf.

What happens if we don't go through a funeral director?

Waipa District Council cemetery bylaws do not require that a burial must go through a funeral director. This decision will depend on your personal circumstances. For example, a delayed burial in summer requires the services of a funeral director for health reasons. If the interment is not going through a funeral director then the following steps must be followed:

 1.Complete the Application for interment form. Check all information is correct. The person accepting liability must sign the form. If it is not signed the interment cannot proceed.

2.Council requires a copy of the death certificate as evidence of death.

What depth are plots?

Plots are standard depth which usually allows for two caskets per plot unless soil conditions are unstable. For example it is unsafe to excavate. The exceptions are all plots at the Leamington and Pukerimu cemeteries which are all single depth.

How many interments can be made in a plot?

Ashes plot: two x ashes

Burial plots: one casket and four ashes on top:

• four ashes
• two x casket
• two x ashes under the berm

Leamington/Pukerimu – single depth plot one casket

Headstones & Plaques

Who installs headstones? Can the family place the headstone?

Most headstones are installed by a member of the Master Monumental Assn, however families can make and install their own headstones. If you wish to install a headstone it will have to be approved by Council first, and Council will require a copy of the plans. After the headstone is installed Council has to approve the installation.

Headstone size: Max height 1m. Max width 750mm.

How much does it cost to install a headstone and where do I go to get a headstone?

You will need to go to a stone craft retailer. There is no extra charge from Council to place the headstone on, however the stone craftsman may charge you for placing the headstone.

What can be done about the graffiti and damage to a headstone?

If a headstone is damaged it is the family’s responsibility to have it fixed. If any damage makes it dangerous to the public it must be fixed immediately. It is the family's responsibility to remove any graffiti from headstones, however Council will assist with this.

What are the standards for plaque size?

350mm x 250mm is the standard size.

Am I allowed to put in flower holder vases?

Only in the holes provided. No glass jars please.

Can Council provide me with a white cross?

They can be obtained through your funeral director. These are only permitted until the installation of a headstone or plaque.

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