Leaf Fall Collection

Leaf Fall Collection​There are a number of street trees in our urban areas and the change of seasons between autumn and winter brings with it a large leaf fall. For this reason, a leaf collection service is provided in specific high leaf fall streets during these heavy fall times.


Leaf clearance in streets is from boundary to boundary. We encourage residents in designated collection areas to place leaves onto the grass berm or carriageway for our contractors to collect.

Leaves are collected weekly in Cambridge and fortnightly in Te Awamutu and Kihikihi from May to July.

To find out your collection day please use the Collection Day Finder.

Want to request a leaf pick up?

If you know of a street or area that is in need of a leaf pick up, please let us know by filling out our request for service form and selecting 'leaf problem area.'


Oak tree leaves make great compost and mulch. Use this around your gardens and shrubs which helps keep weeds down, provides nutrients, warms the soil and retains moisture.

Burning leaves

Remember that burning leaves can be inconvenient for neighbours and the Urban fire bylaw prevents this activity without a permit being issued.

To apply for an urban fire permit, contact our customer support team us on 0800 924 723.

Page reviewed: 21 Apr 2017 12:02pm