Charging for water

A water meter means you're only charged for the water you use.

Mock bills

Before you get your first real water bill, we'll be sending you at least two mock bills. These are not invoices – you don't have to pay them. But they will tell you how much water you've used, and how much you would've been charged for that water.

The mock bills will help you understand how much water your household is currently using. They'll also help you take steps to reduce your water use, before the real bills arrive.

There are two parts to a water meter bill:

  1. A fixed charge which is the same for everyone and helps pay for infrastructure (a bit like an electricity line charge). $128.20 for 2017/18 rating year.
  2. Variable charge for the amount of water actually used: $1.03 per cubic meter (0-250 m3) or $1.50 (250 m3 or more) for 2017/18 rating year.

The fixed charge will be the same for everyone. The variable charge will depend on how much water is used in your home. The cost of water depends on how much water individual households or businesses use. If you use less water, you pay less. If you use more water, you pay more.

For more information about water related charges, view our full Fees and Charges Schedule.

​Water billing dates

Water meters are read and charged quarterly (every three months). The reading and invoicing dates are different depending on where in the district you live.

​Area​Invoice 1 / Invoice 2 / Invoice 3 / Invoice 4
Te Awamutu, Kihikihi and Pirongia January / April / July / October
Cambridge and KarāpiroFebruary / May / August / November
Ohaupo and Pukerimu March / June / September / December
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