Water meter FAQs

​​​1. Where is my water meter? How can I tell what it says?

2. In a rented property, who will be sent the water meter bill/invoice?

No water bills/invoices will be sent out until 2018. Bills/invoices  will only arrive after two mock invoices have been sent showing how much water has been used – and advising what it would have cost.

All invoices from water meters will be sent to the property owner, just as rates invoices are. Those invoices are then usually sent on, by landlords, to the tenants for payment. This is something that should be discussed between parties, before a tenancy begins.

Water invoices can only be sent directly to occupiers (rather than property owners) if the lease is for at least 10 years and if the lease is registered on the Certificate of Title.

Either landlords or tenants are able to ring the Council for a meter reading at the start and end of a tenancy. For more specific information on this issue, call the Council on 0800 WAIPA DC.  You can also refer to the Local Government Rating Act 2002, section 61 (1). 

3. How much will water cost? 

That depends on how much water individual households or businesses use.  If you use less water, you pay less. If you use more water, you pay more.

4. What if my water bill is high? 

  • Test for water leaks
    It is the property owner's responsibility to repair leaks on their property and pay for the cost of repair. All leaks should be repaired as soon as possible because the less water you use, the less you pay for. Council does not offer a leak investigation or repair service for private properties. We suggest you contact your plumber for ways to locate and fix leaks on your property.
  • Test meter accuracy
    If you believe your water meter is not providing an accurate reading the Council can test your meter or restrictor. If the test finds your meter is not accurate, you will not be charged for the test. But if the test finds that your meter is accurate, then you will be required to pay the associated fee as outlined in Council's Fees and Charges Schedule.
  • Actively reduce your household water use
    On average, non-metered residential customers use 250 litres of water per person per day. Metered residential customers use around 190 litres of water per person per day. If you are using more than this, there are things you can do. Head to www.smartwater.org.nz to find out how to cut down how much water you are using, each and every day!

5. What is a water bill made up of?

There are two parts to a water meter bill; a fixed charge which is the same for everyone and helps pay for infrastructure (a bit like an electricity line charge) and a variable charge for the amount of water actually used. The fixed charge will be the same for everyone. The variable charge will depend on how much water is used.

Read more: Your water bill at a glance​.

6. Is the Council also fixing water leaks?

Yes, we regularly check our network of pipes around the district for leaks and run leak detection programmes for hard-to-find leaks. We also fix any leaks reported to us by people in the community. 

Installing water meters means we can monitor how much water individual households or businesses use. If the amount of water being used is far in excess of what it should be, we already contact our metered customers and let them know. Often the customer finds a leak on their property which they can then repair.

Given the age of some houses in Waipa,  we suspect there are a number of leaks on private properties that property owners are unaware of. These will become obvious once a meter is installed and in most cases, will prompt property owners to fix the leaks and save on water costs. ​

7. Will the Council make a profit from water meters?

No. By law, Councils are only allowed to recover the costs of treating, supplying and disposing of water. Councils are not allowed to make a profit o​n water. 

'Complex’ properties 

​Please click on the flyer below for specific information on complex properties.

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