Waste Management and Minimisation Plan


Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2017-2023

The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan describes how we currently manage our waste, how Council believes we should be managing our waste in the future, and provides all the details of what we’re going to do for the next six years to achieve our Waste Strategy.

  • Goal 1 Reduced waste and increased resource recovery
  • Goal 2 Collect waste information for informed decision-making
  • Goal 3 Connect with our community by developing collaborative partnerships
  • Goal 4​ Effective waste services and facilities

Read now:  Waste Management and Minimisation Plan 2017-2023 Waipa District Council [PDF, 3MB, 17 pages]

Waipa Waste Strategy 2017-2035

Our vision: Building zero waste and sustainable communities

​The Waipa Waste Strategy provides us with a longer-term view of waste management and minimisation activities over the next 18 years.

The aim is to change attitudes to waste in Waipā by:

  • changing our view of waste as a problem, to waste as a resource so there is no ‘waste’ at all
  • building our resource recovery capacity so that waste is reused and recycled back into our communities and local economy
  • collecting, monitoring and using waste data to plan for the future.

This strategy will guide the next three waste management and minimisation plans. Each plan will build on the previous until we have all the processes in place to embrace a circular economy where resources naturally flow back into production and reuse.​

Read now:  Waste Strategy 2017-2035 Waipa District Council [PDF, 1.5MB, 19 pages]

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