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​​​​​Every three years, you have the opportunity to make a difference for your community through local authority elections. This year is your next chance to represent your community at Council meetings and Community Board meetings.

Waipā district is made up of five electoral wards. Each ward has a different number of elected members, the breakdown is below.


If you're standing for elections, it would pay to get familiar with these plans and reports:

Here are the key dates for 2019 to keep in mind.

  • 20-25 September - voting papers delivered in the mail
  • 12pm, Saturday 12 October - final voting

Candidate nominations are now closed

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The mayor leads Waipa District and chairs the council.

Time commitment
Full time, with a significant professional and personal commitment, including after hours and weekends.

Annual remuneration
$135,000. Note this is the provisional remuneration indicated by the Authority for the position of mayor following the election; which will be confirmed in the Authority’s determination released in late June/early July. The mayor’s current remuneration is $122,455.​

Key responsibilities:
  • leads the development of council plans, policies, and budgets;
  • chairs council meetings and workshops;
  • leads the council and co-ordinates council political activity;
  • speaks on behalf of the council;
  • represents the council on related organisations, where appointed;
  • presides at civic ceremonies;
  • attends and speaks at local functions;​​

Deputy ​​mayor


The mayor has the power to appoint the deputy mayor.  The deputy mayor takes on the mayor’s role and responsibilities when the mayor is not available.The deputy mayor serves on the council with other councillors.

​Time commitment

These additional responsibilities can vary depending on the other appointments undertaken by the deputy mayor.

Annual remuneration

The deputy mayor’s remuneration will be decided by the council after the elections from the total pool set by the Remuneration Authority. The deputy mayor’s current remuneration is $54,295.



To represent the district’s residents and ratepayers, and make decisions on key community and district issues.

Time commitment

Variable, depending on any additional responsibilities that a councillor might be required to undertake (e.g. chairing a committee or representing the council on another organisation). Likely to be at least 20-30 hours each week, and involve evening and weekend commitments.

Annual remuneration

Councillors’ remuneration will be decided by the council after the elections from the total pool set by the Remuneration Authority. The authority has indicated the minimum remuneration that the new council could set for a councillor will be $31,534, which will be confirmed in the authority’s determination expected in late June/early July 2019. The current councillor base remuneration is $32,906, while a committee chairperson’s remuneration is $41,133.

​Key responsibilities

  • attend monthly council, committee meetings, and workshops, some councillors may be responsible for chairing these meetings;
  • read plans, reports and agendas, and other meeting preparation work;
  • engage with, and advocate for, the public, including attending events and public meetings, and liaising with residents and community groups;
  • formulate the council’s strategic direction and priorities through the long term plan and annual plan process, including setting the budget, rates etc
  • develop policies and bylaws across a wide range of activities and services;
  • represent the district at functions as required;
  • participate in the appointment and performance review of the chief executive.

Community boar​d member​


Community board members represent and act as an advocate for the interests of their community, and make decisions within the delegations provided by the council.

Time commitment

Part time, though the level of commitment will depend on activities or involvement in committees.  Currently, both the Te Awamutu and Cambridge  Boards hold their meetings in the evening starting at 6pm. The board chairperson will usually have the greatest time commitment.

Annual remuneration

Community board members’ remuneration from 1 July 2019 will be announced by the Remuneration Authority in late June/early July 2019. The current annual remuneration ranges from $8,887 to $9,206 for board members and $17,776 to $18,410 for board chairs.

Key responsibilities​

  • engage with local community; promote residents’ issues and initiatives to the board and the council;
  • monitor the provision of council services and advocate changes as necessary;
  • represent the community to other agencies;
  • promote the role of the community board in the wider community;
  • work cooperatively with the council.​

Additional remuner​​ation

​​This year, for the first time, the Remuneration Authority has introduced a childcare allowance for elected members who have responsibility for caring for children under the age of 14 years. The allowance is a contribution towards expenses incurred by the member for the provision of childcare while the member is engaged on local authority business. The allowance is capped and is subject to certain conditions outlined in clause 14 of the Local Government Members (2019-20) Determination 2019. Payment of any or all of the allowances is at the discretion of each council.

​Candidate​​​ information evening​

Our candidate information evening was held on Thursday 27 June at the Don Rowlands Centre, 
Mighty R​​​iver Domain. ​​​​You can view the evening presentation below.

Elections 2019 - Waipa DC Candidate Briefing Presentation 2019.pdf

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