Representation review

What's a representation review?

Every three years we hold Local Government elections  - this is when we vote for a mayor, councillors, and community board members. 

Every six years we are required to review our representation arrangements - this is where we look at the structure of our elected members and how they are elected. Specifically, a representation review looks at:
  • How many councillors there should be
  • How many wards we should have
  • How many councillors should there be in each ward (it is important to try and achieve approximately equal numbers of voters per councillor)
  • Should we have Community Boards, and if so, how many members should they have, which areas should each cover?
  • Should Council create a Maori ward?
  • Which electoral system should we use? 
We are currently underwary with our 2017 representation review, this review will apply to the 2019 and 2022 local government elections.

What's happened so far?

Council voted to keep the First Past the Post voting system. The alternative was to change to the Single Transferable Vote (this is used by Waikato Regional Council).

Although Council have made a decision, the public has the opportunity to demand a poll to re-look at the decision. Five per cent or more of eligible voters in Waipa must support the demand before a poll is held.

A demand for a poll can be made by an individual, several people, or be in the form of a petition. To be valid it must include every persons name, signature and address for which they are eligible to vote in a Waipa district election.

If a valid demand is received, Council will organise a poll. A poll is binding - if the poll showed the community preferred Single Transferable Vote as the voting system, Council's decision would be overturned .

The deadline for demanding a poll was 5pm,  Wednesday 21 February 2018.

Public Notice - Waipa District Council resolution and right to demand a poll on electoral system

Māori ward

Only those registered on the Māori electoral roll can vote in a Māori ward and they cannot vote in any of the other council wards. Everyone gets to vote for the Mayor and Community Board members. 

Waipa District Council does not currently have a Māori ward. In October 2017 Council decided not to establish a Māori ward. 

Media release - Māori ward rejected

As with the voting system, the community can demand a poll. Again, five per cent or more of eligible voters in Waipa must support the demand for a poll to be held. To be valid, a demand (individual, multi-person or petition) must include the person’s  name, signature and address for which they are eligible to vote in a Waipa district election.

The deadline for demanding a poll was 5pm on Wednesday 21 February 2018.
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