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​Election signage

New Zealand's next General Election will be held on Saturday 23 September 2017.

The Electoral Act allows election signs up to 3 square metres in size to be put up from Saturday 22 July for the general election but does not mean you can put your signs wherever you want to. For full details, please read the Election Advertising/Signage Policy below.​

You must not pay an elector to display an electoral sign unless it is in the course of the elector’s business. It is an offence under the Electoral Act to display election signs on election day. ​

Key dates for a candidate

  • 23 June: Start of regulated period
    The three month period before election day where candidate election expense limits apply for advertising published during this period.
  • 22 July: Electoral signs
    Special rules allow signs up to 3 square metres to go up from that date subject to local authority rules about location.​
Get more info on the Electoral Commissions website​.

Election advertising/signage policy

Download:  Waipa District Council Election Advertising/Signage Policy [PDF, 200KB, 3 pages]

Local government elections 2016

Voting in the 2016 local elections closed on Saturday 8 October 2016.

View the Waipa 2016-19 Mayor and Councillors.


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