Gambling policy

Gambling policy

​Every three years, Council reviews its policies to meet the requirements of the Gambling Act 2003 and the Racing Act 2003​.

The Gambling Act 2003 and Racing Act 2003 require local authorities to adopt a Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy and Board Venue Policy respectively. Due to their similarities, the two policies have been consolidated into our Gambling Policy 2019.​

There is no change to the purpose or specifications of the two policies. The Waipā district has had no new Class 4 gambling venues establish since the Gambling Act 2003 came into effect, and it is well controlled with Council’s cap on the number of Electronic Gaming Machines which is set at 232.​

Download: Gambling Policy 2019 - Statement of Proposal​ [PDF, 6 pages, 100KB]
Download: Gambling Policy 2019 - Draft Policy Document​ [PDF, 9 pages, 1.5MB]

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