Hanlin Road intersection


Hanlin Road intersection

Public consultation for this project closed on Friday 6 October 2017.
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We’re planning to build a roundabout at the intersection of Hanlin Road and Cambridge Road to improve safety.

The intersection provides access to the Avantidrome and to St Peter’s School. Around 10,000 vehicles pass through there every day, and this number significantly increases when events are on in the area. It’s also an access point for the Te Awa River Ride track, the bike skills park, a café and a gym.​

What's the concern?

The current intersection is not working. It does not provide a safe entry and exit point for motorists and does not cater for cycling and pedestrian access. More specifically, the major concerns are:

  • High-speed traffic in the area means it's unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians trying to cross Cambridge Road.
  • The current layout of the intersection and mix of high-speed traffic along Cambridge Road means there is a risk of fatal and serious crashes.
  • The current layout of the intersection cannot effectively deal with more traffic and predicted growth.

Since 2012 there have been 12 crashes within 300m of the intersection. One of these was fatal, involving a vehicle turning right out of Hanlin Road.

Cambridge is growing and the intersection needs to be improved to provide a safer option for all users.

How do we fix it?

We need a safe intersection that works for everyone. We need an intersection that is:

  • Safe and self-explanatory for all users.
  • Located in the right place.
  • Also caters for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Can cope with the increased traffic that we are expecting in the future.
  • Will provide access to areas of potential growth.

We’ve looked at a number of options to change the intersection. Our short-listed options are:

  • Improve the current T-intersection.
  • Improve the current T-intersection and add traffic lights.
  • Build a roundabout. This is our preferred option.

Why a roundabout?

We believe a roundabout is the best solution because it:

  • Improves intersection safety. Roundabouts result in fewer deaths and serious injuries than traffic lights or T-intersections.
  • Can cope with the increased traffic that we are expecting in the future.
  • Is flexible and has the capacity to manage changes in demand and areas of potential growth.
  • Will create an even traffic flow when events are on.
​Check out this 'fly over' visualisation of the proposed design:

​View of proposed design, from south:

View of proposed design, from west:

Making a welcoming entrance

The latest growth strategy shows Cambridge Road will become progressively more urban with residential development and footpaths on both sides. This means the Hanlin and Cambridge Road intersection will become the new gateway to the Cambridge residential area. We want to ensure the roundabout is a welcoming entrance point to Cambridge.

Feature at centre of roundabout

One of the ways we can do this is by adding a feature to the centre of the roundabout. We could plant it with grass, gardens or specimen trees or we could add feature art that represents Cambridge as a town.

Here are some examples of what we could do in the centre of the roundabout: tree, lighting display, sculpture, feature garden. 

Options for pedestrians and cyclists

Cars aren’t the only way people travel – we need to think about pedestrians and cyclists too. We need people to feel safe and comfortable accessing the facilities in the area. We’ve looked at a range of options to cater for people walking and riding bikes. Here are the options:

  • Do nothing – cross when and where you want. No construction costs.
  • Install a pedestrian refuge. As pedestrian and cyclist demand grows, this could have traffic lights added at a later date. This is our preferred option as it allows the most flexibility to tailor a solution. Approximate cost of $50,000.
  • Install traffic lights which stop traffic to let cyclists and pedestrians cross the road. Approximate cost of $350,000.
  • Build an underpass to separate cyclists and pedestrians from traffic. Approximate cost of $750,000, including lighting, signage, retaining walls and ramps.

Here are some examples of what we could do to cater for cyclists and pedestrians: traffic lights, pedestrian refuge, underpass

And while we're here...

Upgrading this intersection gives us the opportunity to look at improving other areas at the same time. For example:

  • There may be areas of land left over that we can use for car parking.
  • We could improve access to properties, for example, the entrance to St Peter’s School.
  • We could improve the layout of Hanlin Road.
  • We could provide shelter and parking for the bus stop facility.

Have your say on the options

Public consultation for this project closed on Friday 6 October 2017.

We'd like to hear which options you think are best. What would you like to see in the middle of the roundabout? Is there anything else you would like us to consider while we're improving this area?

Find out more

Come and talk to the team at our drop-in info session:

  • Thursday 14 September, anytime between 2-6pm. Avantidrome, Hanlin Road, Cambridge.​
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Who's paying and what's happening next?

Council and NZ Transport Agency are working together to jointly fund the project.

But first, we need to determine the best outcome for the community and design a great intersection​. With your feedback we will present back to Council later this year and the project, funding and construction date will be prioritised in the Waipa District Council 10-Year Plan and the Regional Land Transport Plan.

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