Playgrounds in Waipa

​Consultation​ on playgrounds in Waipa is now closed.​

Playgrounds are one of Waipa’s most loved assets. As our population grows, it’s becoming even more important for our children to have a safe, green space where they can play and have fun.

We want to make sure Council continues to provide the right kinds of playgrounds in the right places.

To help us plan for the future, we held a consultation via survey until 25 November 2016. Your responses are now being considered as part of Council's planning.

Playgrounds of the future

Across the country, there is a move towards Council providing fewer, but much better, playgrounds to their communities.

These types of playgrounds are referred to as ‘destination playgrounds’. Destination playgrounds offer a whole heap more play equipment that cater for a wider range of ages. They also include a lot of other features such as toilets, seating, bbqs, cafes etc. so they become a place where families and friends can stay all day.

A good example of a destination playground is at Hamilton Lake.

Destination playgrounds come at a much higher cost than usual neighbourhood playgrounds due to their size and type of equipment included.

A bit about our playgrounds

Council provides 27 playgrounds throughout Waipa. Most of these are small neighbourhood playgrounds which include a few pieces of play equipment such as swings, slides and seesaws.

These playgrounds need regular maintenance and in general have a 15 year life span before they need replacing altogether. All up, we spend about $70,000 per year on playgrounds and playground maintenance.

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