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​Material incorporated by reference

The Operative Waipa District Plan occasionally refers to publications that act as a measure to help applicants comply with rules or provisions in the plan. These publications are known as 'material incorporated by reference'. You can view the publications either at the Te Awamutu or Cambridge Office, or you can request a copy of the material incorporated by reference (with the exception of standards) by calling 0800 924 723. 

Council is unable to provide copies of standards (New Zealand and international) due to matters of copyright. These must be obtained directly from the source: http://www.standards.co.nz/default.htm

Waipa District Plan - Snapshot

 Our District Plan Snapshot tool is a quick and easy way to find out which rules and policy overlays apply to the property you are interested in. It generates useful information into a report that you can save or print for future reference.

District Plan Snapshot




Volume 1 - Waipa District Plan 2016

To help navigate your way through Volume 1, we recommend you download the Table of Contents.
Click here to access the Waipa District Plan Declaration.
Sections and Appendices below that have [DR10] beside them have recommended amendments in them by way of the Decision Report for Plan Change 10.

Part A - How to Use the Plan 

 How to Use the Plan - Cover Page
 How to Use the Plan

Part B - Definitions

 Definitions - Cover Page

Part C - Strategic Policy Framework

 Part C - Contents Page
 Section 1 - Strategic Policy Framework 

Part D - Zone Provisions

 Part D - Contents Page
 Section 2 - Residential Zone 
 Section 3 - Large Lot Residential Zone 
 Section 4 - Rural Zone 
 Section 4A - Significant Mineral Extraction Zone
 Section 5 - Reserves Zone
 Section 6 - Commercial Zone 
 Section 7 - Industrial Zone 
 Section 8 - Lake Karapiro Events Zone
 Section 9 - Mystery Creek Events Zone
 Section 10 -  Airport Business Zone (Titanium Park) [DR 10]
 Section 11 - St Peters School Zone
 Section 12 - Karapiro and Arapuni Hydro Power Zone
 Section 13 - Marae Development Zone
 Section 14 - Deferred Zone 

Part E - District Wide Provisions

 Part E - Contents Page
 Section 15 - Infrastructure, Hazards, Development and Subdivision [DR10]
 Section 16 - Transportation
 Section 17 - Works and Utilities
 Section 18 - Financial Contributions
 Section 19 - Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land
 Section 20 - Health and General Amenity 
 Section 21 - Assessment Criteria and Information Requirements 

Part F - District Wide Natural and Cultural Heritage

 Part F - Contents Page
 Section 22 - Heritage and Archaeology
 Section 23 - Protected Trees
 Section 24 - Indigenous Biodiversity
 Section 25 - Landscapes and Viewshafts
 Section 26 - Lakes and Water bodies

Part G - Anticipated Environmental Results

 Anticipated Environmental Results - Cover page
 Anticipated Environmental Results

Volume 2 - Appendices

To help navigate your way through Volume 2, we recommend you download the Appendices Table of Contents.


 Appendix D1 - Designations [DR10]
 Appendix D2 - Maps of Western Arterial Designation DN154
 Appendix D3 - Designation Conditions

Design Guidelines

 Appendix DG1 - Character Cluster Statements
 Appendix DG2 - Central Cambridge Character Guidelines
 Appendix DG3 - Central Te Awamutu Character Guidelines
 Appendix DG4 - Central Kihikihi Character Guidelines
 Appendix DG5 - Central Pirongia Character Guidelines
 Appendix DG6 - Central Ohaupo Character Guidelines
 Appendix DG7 - Landscape Guidelines
 Appendix DG8 - Cambridge Park residential Zone Character Areas 1 & 4 (Neighbourhood Centre) Design Guidelines

Natural and Cultural Heritage

 Appendix N1 - Heritage Items
 Appendix N2 - Cultural Sites
 Appendix N3 - Archaeological Sites
 Appendix N4 - Protected Trees
 Appendix N5 - Significant Natural Areas
 Appendix N6 - Natural Landscape and Viewshaft Colour Chart
 Appendix N7 - ICOMOS NZ Charter for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Value
 Appendix N8 - Bush Stands
 Appendix N9 - Description of Natural Landscapes and Cultural Landscapes


 Appendix O1 - Vision and Strategy for Waikato River
 Appendix O2 - Maungatautari Ecological Island Lots
 Appendix O3 - List of Reserves for Significant Temporary Events
 Appendix O4 - Environmental Benefit Lots - Te Awa Cycleway
 Appendix O5 - Additions to Significant Recreation Reserves
 Appendix O6 - Recession Plane Methodology
 Appendix O7 - Hazardous Facilities Screening Procedure (HFSP)
 Appendix O8 - Scheduled Industrial Activities
 Appendix O9 - Height Requirements for Hamilton Airport
 Appendix O10 - LDN & SEL Contour Plans - Hamilton Airport
 Appendix O11 - Temporary Events undertaken within the St Peters School Zone
 Appendix O12 - Comprehensive Development Plan: Roading Network and Intersections for ITA
 Appendix O13 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas Ngati Haua
 Appendix O14 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas Ngati Koroki Kahukura and Taumatawiwi Trust
 Appendix O15 - Statutory Acknowledgement Areas Raukawa

Growth Management Structure Plans and Concept Plans

 Appendix S1 - Growth Cell, Staging, Preconditions for Release and Infrastructure Requirements 
 Appendix S2 - Cambridge North Structure Plan and Design Guidelines
 Appendix S3 - Cambridge Park Structure Plan and Design Guidelines
 Appendix S4 - St Kilda Structure Plan
 Appendix S5 - Hautapu Industrial Structure Plan and Landscape Guidelines 
 Appendix S6 - Te Awamutu Large Format Retail Site Plan
 Appendix S7 - Karapiro Large Lot Residential Structure Plan Area
 Appendix S8 - Ohaupo South Structure Plan
 Appendix S9 - Bruntwood Large Lot Residential Area Concept Plan
 Appendix S10 - Airport Business Zone Structure Plan [DR10]
 Appendix S11 - Piquet Hill Structure Plan
 Appendix S12 - Bond Road Structure Plan
 Appendix S13 - Houchens Road Structure Plan
 Appendix S14 - Te Awamutu South Structure Plan and Design Guidelines
 Appendix S15 - Cambridge North Neighbourhood Centre Concept Plan 
 Appendix S16 - Narrows Concept Plan
 Appendix S17 - Te Awamutu T1 Growth Cell Structure Plan
 Appendix S18 - Leamington Large Lot Residential Zone Structure Plan
 Appendix S19 - Cambridge C1 and C2/C3 Structure Plans
 Appendix S20 - Bardowie Industrial Precinct Structure Plan and Urban Design and Landscape Guidelines


 Appendix T1 - Minimum Parking, Loading and Unloading Requirements 
 Appendix T2 - Car Parking and Manoeuvring Layouts
 Appendix T3 - Road Descriptions
 Appendix T4 - Criteria for Public and Private Roads
 Appendix T5 - Road Hierarchy
 Appendix T6 - Integrated Transport Assessment Vehicles per Day Conversion Table
 Appendix T7 - Te Awamutu Dairy Manufacturing Site
 Appendix T8 - Hautapu Dairy Manufacturing Site
 Appendix T9 - Guidelines for Property Design to Improve Driveway Safety

Volume 3 - Planning Maps

Please note: There may be differences visible between the parcel boundaries in PDF format and paper maps, versus Maps Online and District Plan Snapshot:

  • The Waipa District Plan maps in PDF format and the paper version, show parcel boundaries as at the date displayed in the map title area.
  • If the Waipa District Plan is viewed via Maps Online or accessed via the District Plan Snapshot the parcel boundaries are updated monthly, and therefore more current.

Click here to access Volume 3 - Planning Maps for the Waipa District Plan (part Operative).


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