Plan Change 3 - Athlone Drive

This plan change comprises two key components:

  • Rezoning of the Deferred Reserve Zone encroaching a number of residential sites on Athlone Drive and Thornton Road to either Large Lot Residential or Residential; and
  • Rezoning the Te Puna Roimata site from Large Lot Residential and Deferred Reserve Zone to Reserve Zone.

    These components are summarised separately as below.

    Rezoning of the Residential sites

    Prior to the construction of the Cambridge bypass, a buffer reserve (Deferred Reserve Zone) was imposed in the Waipa District Plan (District Plan) in order to preserve a physical separation between the Waikato Expressway Designation and the adjoining residential land. In addition, the buffer reserve was intended to provide a corridor of land for potential stormwater disposal and a future walking/cycling linkage. 

    Now that the Cambridge bypass has been completed, the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and Council Staff have confirmed that the buffer reserve between Thornton Road and the Karapiro Gully is no longer required due to the expressway being positioned below ground level and a sufficient buffer being provided within the road reserve itself. Stormwater disposal is managed within the Cambridge bypass corridor while walking/cycling access along the buffer reserve in the vicinity of Athlone Drive has been deemed impractical.

    This buffer reserve encroaches many of the residential sites on Athlone Drive and Thornton Road adjoining the Waikato Expressway. The buffer reserve does not reflect the residential use of these sites and it is therefore proposed to rezone the buffer reserve to Large Lot Residential or Residential depending on the adjacent zoning to these sites.

    The Te Puna Roimata Reserve

    The Te Puna Roimata site is located at the end of Athlone Drive adjoining the western side of the Waikato expressway and north of the Karapiro Gully. The name Puna Roimata means the "spring of tears" and is a place to remember and respect those who have passed away in this area.

    During the construction phase of the Cambridge section of the Waikato Expressway, a number of cultural artefacts were found near the site including eight kooiwi (human bones).  In close consultation with the mana whenua these kooiwi were reburied at the Puna Roimata site. The site has since been transformed to reflect its cultural significance. As part of their work on the site, NZTA have worked with mana whenua to erect a sculpture and several storyboards to share the history of the area. The character of the site now reflects that of a reserve and is open to the public to enjoy. The Te Puna Roimata site will be owned by the Department of Conservation on behalf of the Crown but managed and maintained by the Waipa District Council as a public reserve.

    This Puna Roimata site is currently zoned Large Lot Residential under the District Plan, a zoning which provides for residential activities. Residential activities do not reflect the intended use of this site now or into the future and it is therefore proposed to rezone this site to Reserve Zone. This will assist in protecting the cultural values of Puna Roimata as well as better reflecting the underlying use of the site.


​Notified​13 October 2016
Council Decision28 November 2017
​Operative19 December 2017


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