Plan Change 1 - Zoning and Picquet Hill Structure Plan Boundary Adjustment

​Please note: This Plan Change was notified as Variation 18 on 13 October. Due to the Waipa District Plan being part operative on 1 November, it is now called Plan Change 1.

This Plan Change addresses the issue of the location of the zoning boundary at 2025 Cambridge Road, Te Awamutu between the Residential Zoned area (also encompassing the Picquet Hill Structure Plan) and the Rural Zoned area.

A portion of the Residential Zone and Picquet Hill Structure Plan boundary traverses the existing farm access track that serves the farm located within the Rural Zoned area of the site. This Plan Change proposes to adjust the zone boundary and Picquet Hill Structure Plan boundary to follow the formed farm access track which will enable the continued operations of the farm holding whilst still achieving the optimum design outcomes for the Picquet Hill Structure Plan area.

This change is illustrated in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1 Before and After.jpg


​Notified​13 October 2016
Council Decision​16 December 2016
​Operative ​27 January 2017


 Operative Public Notice - 19 January 2017
 Council's Decision Report
 Appendix S11 - Picquet Hill Structure Plan
 Zone and Policy Area Map 8
 Zone and Policy Area Map 37
 Zone and Policy Area Map 39

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