Māori Involvement in Decision Making

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have developed a policy and structure with Māori to facilitate greater participation in our decision-making processes.

Iwi Consultative Committee

Our governance structure includes an Iwi Consultative Committee. The committee considers all significant matters, particularly in relation to the development of policy, and then makes appropriate recommendations for Council’s consideration.


Ngā ​​​Iwi Tōpū O Waipā (NITOW), translated as The Assembled People of Waipā, is a group that represents all hapū in the Waipā​ District. They meet monthly and consider resource consent applications. They also consider other issues that are bought directly to Iwi for consultation and consideration. NITOW also nominates members on to the Iwi Consultative Committee.     

Other committees

We further promote the decision-making capacity of Māori through the appointment of an Iwi representative to the Strategic Planning & Policy Committee and Regulatory Committee.

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