Waipa District Council has a procurement framework, policy, strategy and process in place for managing the delivery of its objectives.

We aim to achieve sustainable value-for-money for the whole life of assets or services through smart buying decisions. This is done through collaborative relationships that encourage and foster fair competition and innovation, while also satisfying customers.​

Purchase order and invoicing processes

Purchase/contract orders

All goods and services provided to Waipa District Council must be supported by a valid purchase order and where relevant a contract number.

The purchase order number and contract number (where relevant) which relates to the goods and services you provide Waipa District Council must be included on your invoice.

Valid purchase order numbers are 6 digits long with a ‘0’ prefix.

Valid contract numbers are 6 digits long in the format ‘XX-XX-XX’.

If you have not received your purchase order or contract number please contact the person that you have been working with at Waipa District Council to request this information.

Standard terms of purchase

Waipa District Council’s purchase order standard terms and conditions contain the default terms and conditions which apply to all purchase orders created by Waipa District Council, unless otherwise agreed within the purchase order or contract.

Read the purchase order standard terms and conditions [PDF, 200KB, 6 pages]


Invoices should be raised and submitted punctually.

Invoices for the previous month should be received by the 5th of the following month to allow enough time for processing.

The following requirements will help ensure that your invoice moves through our system without delay:

  • ​​Purchase order number and contract (where relevant) number must be included on your invoice (invoices cannot be paid without a purchase order and contract order number (where relevant).
  • A copy invoice can be sent to your Waipa District Council contact (as long as it is clearly stamped with the word ‘copy’).
  • Your invoice should be preferably typewritten and also contain this information:
    • The words ‘Tax Invoice’ in a prominent place (where GST is applicable)
    • Show the full name and address of Waipa District Council
    • Name, address and GST number (where applicable) of supplier
    • Date of issue
    • Show the total payable by Waipa District Council and GST amount (where applicable)
    • Description of the goods or services provided
    • Quantity or volume of the goods or services provided.

How to send your invoice

Invoices can be sent to Waipa District Council Accounts Payable be either email (preferred method) or post.



​​Accounts Payable
Waipa District Council
Private Bag 2900
Te Awamutu 3840

If requested, please send a copy invoice to your Waipa District Council contact.

When emailing invoices:

  • Include only one invoice per attachment (multiple attachments within one email are allowed)
  • Attachments to be in pdf format
  • The subject line should contain your company name along with the words ‘Tax Invoice’ and your tax invoice number.

If you are unsure whether we have received your invoice, please email us at:


Payment will be made via an electronic bank transfer into your nominated bank account.

Invoices will be paid on the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice unless alternative payment terms have been prescribed on your contract.  For example, monthly services provided in January with an invoice dated:

  • 31 January and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 February
  • 1 February and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 March.

How to update your contact or vendor details

If any of your details have changed, please email: If you have a change in bank account number please send WDC a bank verified account name and number.

Credit notes

Credit notes should be sent to the same address as invoices and clearly state ‘Credit’.

​​Accounts Payable
Waipa District Council
Private Bag 2900
Te Awamutu 3840

If requested, please send a copy credit note to your WDC contact.

If you are unsure whether we have received your credit note, please email us:​

Indicative work programme

The indicative work programme is published to provide a list of upcoming major projects. It lists the indicative programme for our Roading, Waters, Professional Services and other projects and is being made available for suppliers to assist them in their planning activities.​

Download: Indicative Work Programme - updated October 2018

Please note:​

  • Waipa District Council cannot guarantee all these projects will proceed as they depend on consultation, funding, annual planning and/or Waipa District Council or NZTA approval.
  • Some projects in this plan may not be competitively tendered where there is an existing panel of suppliers or contractual arrangement.
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