Economically Progressive

We are focused on growing our prosperity and financial sustainability, now and into the future, providing an attractive and affordable district to live and do business in.

To be economically progressive, we have and will continue to develop Waipa as a sustainable thriving economy built upon the district’s unique characteristics by:

  • Efficiently using resources to deliver services without unreasonably burdening future ratepayers;
  • Developing Waipa as a great place in which to do business; and
  • Building a diversified and productive economic base that supports the natural and cultural environment.

Our economically progressive community outcomes

We are financially sustainable.

To support the achievement of this outcome, we have developed and implement a financial strategy and financial management policies contained within the 10-Year Plan. This strategy and the policies guide our decision making and inform our work programmes.

Our services are acknowledged as excellent value for money.

We continue to monitor, review, and improve the services we provide to ensure they are value for money.

Waipa’s growth is built on its strengths.

We work with stakeholders to prepare and implement an economic development strategy for Waipa.  This strategy informs our decision making in matters such as infrastructure investment.

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