Environmental and Cultural Champions

We preserve, enhance and showcase the unique environmental and cultural heritage, diversity and history of our district.

We continue to build a community that is proud of Waipa’s physical and cultural environment and the value it provides by:

  • Ensuring we have a low carbon footprint;
  • Ensuring staff have a high level of cultural awareness;
  • Promoting environmental responsibility and cultural awareness within the community; and
  • Ensuring people have access to protected environmental and cultural sites.

Our environmental and cultural champions community outcomes

We are recognised as an environmental and cultural leader.

Within our organisation we identify, minimise, and monitor the environmental effects of our operations. 

Staff are provided with opportunities to raise their cultural awareness and skill levels regarding cultural protocols. 

Through our policies, plans and work programmes we encourage a focus on environmental considerations, such as increased walking, cycling and the use of public transport. 

Waipa’s environmental and cultural heritage is a showcase for excellence.

We develop and implement programmes that protect, enhance and interpret the district’s environmental and heritage assets and features for our community and visitors to enjoy.

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