Socially Responsible

We act with conscience and integrity to lead the district in valuing and protecting the members of our organisation and community, and enhancing their wellbeing.

We ensure the knowledge and resources within Waipa are used for the benefit of the whole community by:

  • Encouraging staff to be actively engaged in the community;
  • Creating an organisation that attracts, employs and retains the best people;
  • Engaging and empowering people to perform to their full potential; and
  • Building vibrant neighbourhoods and liveable communities.

Our socially responsible community outcomes

We give back to the community.

Staff are encouraged to develop a great sense of connection with our community that goes beyond their role.

We are a workplace of choice.

We continue to focus on attracting and retaining people who demonstrate champion performance and attitude. 

Waipa offers an excellent quality of life.

We further develop our understanding of, and an appropriate response to, the factors that influence the district’s ratepayers and resident’s perception of quality of life. 

This strategic direction makes it clear what we consider to be important for Waipa and our focus for the next three to five years.  This has guided the development of our 10-Year Plan including the prioritisation of programmes and projects within the financial resources available.

Indicators, measures and targets have been developed to track progress against the strategic goals and outcomes and we report on these quarterly and annually.  In addition, we continue to publish State of the District Reports based on the broader set of community outcomes developed in 2005, and the frequency of this reporting is likely to be aligned to the Census cycle.

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