Youth Council

​​​Our Youth Council profile gives young people a voice to represent their views in the wider community.  Youth input provides direct insight into how younger people use and perceive our towns and district including facilities, events and activities.

The Waipā Youth Council is made up of 12 student leaders from the three Waipā secondary schools; Te Awamutu College, Cambridge High School and St Peter’s Cambridge.

This informal committee is chaired by the Mayor with attendance by councillors, Sport Waikato, Police and school principals.

What does the Youth Council do?

Our focus is representing and promoting Waipā youth in a positive and productive way.

We meet every three months to discuss Waipā​’s current and projected issues relating to youth. 
Our purpose is to communicate with our peers and to make sure the youth voice is heard as the future of Waipa.

Waipā District Council provides a familiarisation workshop at the start of the year, and a motivational workshop that gives us the opportunity to rub shoulders with inspirational people from different walks of life.

Our two main events each year are leading the superb Waipā Youth Awards evening and organising the Tri-Nations, a multi-event competition between our three secondary schools.

Your Youth Council

Being able to speak on young people’s behalf is an amazing opportunity so we want to make sure that your opinions are heard and represented. 

If you would like to have your say in the future of Waipā​, please email your views and ideas to

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