An affordable pool option?

23 September 2014
The future of the Cambridge pool took a new turn today as Waipa District councillors looked at an option that includes the retention of the 50m outdoor pool.

The option discussed at today’s workshop is to build a 25m indoor pool and a learners pool alongside the current outdoor 50m facility and upgrade the pool’s plant and changing facilities. 

The option takes its lead from a recently released Waikato Regional Sports Facility Plan that suggests a 25m indoor pool and a learners pool be built once the working life of the current pool is over.  However, Council believes retention of the 50m pool is also required by the community.  This option uses off-the-shelf, modular designs which means costs could be between $6-8million.   

Two other options were on the table including one to retain the facility as it is with a 50m and  a small learn to swim outdoor pool only open in summer.  Maintenance would continue on an as required basis with potential future upgrades of the reception and changing facilities.  A $300k upgrade to the filtration and heating is currently underway.

The third option was one the community are already familiar with which included four indoor pools (25m, 8-lane, teaching pool, leisure and therapy pool, children’s pool) new changing and reception areas, a spa pool and year round opening.  The price of the option is $18m (the original $14m plus inflation since the original design) which includes design costs already spent.

Waipa’s Mayor Jim Mylchreest said council’s preferred option ticked a number of boxes for the community. 

“It is cost effective, it meets the needs of a variety of users including swimming clubs, learn to swim classes and families who just want to swim year round.  

He said status quo was not an option for a rapidly growing town but nor would it be financially responsible to go for a Rolls Royce option when an affordable one that gave the community what it needed was available.

The proposal was discussed at a public workshop today where a number of swimming clubs and locals attended and were vocal in their support of the proposed option.

“Given the positive reception we have already received we are confident the community could well be united on this proposal and we look forward to their feedback in the coming months.  We’d also love to know if the community have any views on other ways the pool space could be used for example a hydrotherapy pool.” 

Council briefly considered alternative locations but if the intention was to retain the 50m pool this discussion was no longer warrented.

As part of council’s consultation on its 10-year-plan the three options will be put to the community for discussion in October and November this year.


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