Calls to ‘slow down’ on roads

​22 February 2017

Waipa motorists are being warned to expect the unexpected via a new road safety campaign aimed at avoiding crashes.

The ‘Expect’ campaign, in the community now,  includes billboards, advertisements and targeted information.  It  highlights obstacles on rural roads and warns motorists to slow down.

Waipa District Council road safety co-ordinator Megan Jolly said over the last five years, speed was a factor in 18 per cent of Waipa vehicle crashes.  Motorists were simply driving too fast for the conditions.

“Speed on rural roads should be determined by the conditions, not the speed limit,” she said.

“There are hazards on rural roads that some motorists may not be expecting. They might include stock or slow moving vehicles like tractors and milk tankers   By highlighting potential hazards, we’re hoping people will become more aware of the risks and will be ready to slow down.”

Slowing down was a key factor in reducing crashes, and reducing the severity of crashes, she said.

“Irrespective of what caused the crash, it’s speed that will determine the outcome. A crash at 80km/h is likely to have less serious consequences than a crash at 100km/h; that’s simply a fact.”

For more information, contact: Jeanette Tyrrell  027 507 7599

Sample of billboards:​
Waipa road billboard

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