Cambridge top spot for crane spotting

11/10/2018 10:00 a.m.

11 October 2018 

Some of New Zealand’s biggest cranes will roll into Cambridge next week to install the brand new wastewater pipe bridge.

Cambridge wastewater from houses north of the Waikato River is piped across to the Waipa District Council treatment plant in Leamington. The pipe is now at full capacity and needs to be upgraded to meet projected growth. At the same time, the pipe bridge by the Gaslight Theatre is also being replaced.

Work on the project began early this year and the foundations and groundwork for the bridge replacement are now complete. By next week five cranes, including one massive 400-tonne crane, will be on site to swing the new pipe bridge into place. The new bridge was built off-site in Napier.

While the building site remains off-limits to the public, those interested will be able to get a good view of the cranes working from the Resthaven carpark.  

Council said the best viewing day is likely to be on 16 October when, weather permitting, the bridge would be swung into place. The big cranes were more likely to be operating on still days. If conditions were windy, some work could not be undertaken.

​The cranes are likely to be on site until late November. Once secure, the old bridge and pipe will be removed. The whole project, including the upgrade of the wastewater pipe, is due to be completed by mid-December.

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