Councils launch new water conservation programme

1 November 2013
A new campaign to encourage water conservation to protect the resource now and for future generations launches today.

Smart Water Starts with You! is a sub-regional campaign in which Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council are sharing resources and information, and working together as part of the Smart Water Program which aims to make long-term change to how we use water.

Smart Water Programme Co-ordinator Charmaine Petereit says the campaign builds on existing relationships between the three partner councils, which share a Water Alert Level system and common knowledge of the region’s water demand and infrastructure.

All three Councils draw water from the Waikato River, and Waipa District Council has two additional sources – Mangauika Stream on Pirongia Mountain and two bores in the township of Kihikihi.

“Recent summer droughts have provided a wake-up call for just how important and urgent the Smart Water Campaign is,” says Ms Petereit.

“Reductions in the river’s volume, whether through drought or over-extraction add to the concentration of pollutants which in turn effects water quality. It also alters the flow patterns and temperature of the water, which disrupts the river’s plants and animals. In other words, whenever we use more water than we need, we add to the potential problems.”

The Smart Water Programme aims to engage and educate residents on water issues so:

  • the region’s water is conserved now and for future generations
  • residents understand the challenges of supplying safe water and, ensuring water returned to the river is of the highest standard
  • residents learn what can be done to use no more water than we need.

“Our key message with this campaign is ‘Smart water starts with you! ’: the region’s residents need only make a few simple and easy changes to the way they use water to help protect and conserve this limited resource we all must share,” Ms Petereit says.

Over coming months, the three Councils will share Smart Water information with residents and keep communities fully updated with any Water Alert Level requirements brought into effect.



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