Deadline looming for food operators

​Waipā operators preparing or selling food to the public who are still operating under old food hygiene rules are running out of time to have their food control plan or national programme registered with Council.​

Operators have until 31 March this year to file their applications as demanded by the government's new Food Act 2014.  Failure to do so could see some premises unable to trade.​

Waipa District Council’s environmental services team leader Karl Tutty says the approximately 400 Waipā premises have all been directly contacted and reminded of the government's new rules. But more than 120 premises have yet to respond.​

“Food operators who haven't acted already need to get a move on as current permissions will expire at the end of March. Continuing to trade without being registered under the government's new rules means operators will be committing an offence and will be liable for significant penalties,” Tutty said.​

He said food operators should not leave their applications to the last minute as a rush of applications will mean some may not be processed in time or may incur additional fees.​

Operators with a current registration under the old regulations can file their application for free, but those that are late will be treated as new applications.​

“There's really no excuse now as all operators should be well aware of what’s required.  There's been a transition period in place for three years. Operators have had the information and should understand this is the last opportunity to ensure they comply."​

Further information can be found here.​

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