Elected members salaries to increase

27 April 2011
Waipa district councillors have approved a proposal for a salary increase after being advised by the Remuneration Authority that Waipa’s salary pool for elected members will increase by 5.7 per cent.
From July 1 2011 the total remuneration pool for the district’s 22 elected members, including community board members and excluding the mayor, will be $369,885, an increase of $19,971.
The Remuneration Authority is an independent organisation responsible for setting elected members’ salaries. The authority determines the total remuneration pool for each council based on population statistics, and expenditure and asset levels.
The remuneration of Waipa District Council’s elected members has not increased since July 1 2009, when the authority determined there would be no increase in the total remuneration pool in 2010/2011.
At its meeting on Tuesday (April 26), the council approved a recommendation to the authority that the 5.7 per cent increase be pro-rated (shared proportionally) across all 22 elected roles, excluding the mayor.
Salaries are proposed to range from $32,300 a year for the deputy mayor to $6,874 a year for community board members.
The individual elected member salaries are still subject to recommendations from the Cambridge and Te Awamutu Community Boards and the final approval of the Remuneration Authority.
The salary allocation recommended by council for 2011/2012 is:
​Role ​Current Salary ​Recommended Salary 2011/12
​Deputy Mayor (Committee Chair/Community Board) ​$30,556
​Committee Chair ​$27,515 ​$29,085
Councillor​ ​$23,996 ​$25,366
Committee Chair/Community Board ​$28,798 ​$30,442
Councillor/Community Board ​$26,771 ​$28,299
​Community Board Chair ​$12,000 ​$12,685
Community Board Member ​$6,503 ​$6,874

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