Empire, Duke Sts ‘better than new’

​14 May 2015
Eighteen weeks after it started work is nearly finished on a major project to replace aged water and wastewater pipes in Cambridge.

Empire and Duke Streets have literally been turned upside down as Waipa District Council contractors replaced 100-year-old pipes and at the same time, took the opportunity to undertake landscaping and roading improvements.

Since January this year, project engineer Carl Smith said local retailers and shoppers have put up with “noise, dust and disturbance”.

“We know it’s been really challenging at times and all we can say is ‘thank you for your patience’”, Carl said.  “We’ve truly done all we can to minimise disruption and deliver a finished result that we think is better than new.”

The work has seen all the old underground pipes replaced, old pavers replaced, more angle parking developed, plus traffic humps and a mini-roundabout installed. 

By the end of June, council staff will have planted at least six new garden beds.  By then Empire Street’s well-known red telephone box will have been returned.

Since the $1.5 million project began, contractors Downers have notched up some impressive statistics.  They have:

  • laid 1030 meters of underground PVC piping
  • installed 19 wastewater manholes and two traffic humps
  • fitted seven new valves, two new fire hydrants and two new light columns
  • laid 22,798 individual paving stones
  • marked 2.2km of road markings
  • installed eight new road signs, and
  • laid more than 4,740 square meters of asphalt.

Carl said between 4,500 – 5,500 contracting hours had gone into the project. 

“It’s been a really big job and it’s great to finally see the finish line,” Carl said.    “I think it’s something the whole of Cambridge can be proud of.”

Media enquiries, contact Jeanette Tyrrell (on behalf of council) 027 507 7599

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