Fundraising committee thanked for efforts

24 April  2011
Waipa Mayor Alan Livingston today acknowledged the Cambridge Pool Fundraising Committee for their efforts in attempting to raise the funds necessary for the development of a covered pool complex.
“Many of Waipa’s key community assets have been able to be delivered because of the commitment and dedication of people in our communities – the Te Awamutu Events Centre, the new children’s playground in Te Awamutu and other key community facilities have benefited from Community fundraising efforts,” said Mr Livingston.
“The Cambridge Pool Fundraising Committee had an onerous task in a tough economic climate but did an impressive job nonetheless, spending countless hours and a ton of shoe leather to try and raise the required amount.
“Although unsuccessful they deserve to be acknowledged for the tremendous effort they made on behalf of the community”.
Mr Livingston conveyed particular thanks to committee chairman Joe Scaramuzza who had worked tirelessly on behalf of his community.
“The contacts that he has made with funders and the financial commitments obtained will hopefully still be able to be utilised with whatever final concept the consultation confirms,” he said.
Mr Scaramuzza is disappointed the committee was not able to meet the funding requirement but is circumspect about the future.
“Cambridge residents asked for a new facility to service their needs and an all weather, all-year-round aquatic centre is clearly what is needed.   I would like to thank the hundreds of supporters both commercial and individual who provided support to the fundraising committee,” he said
“My sincere thanks to the committee members for their hard work and commitment to the fundraising effort and for their enthusiastic support. The work we have undertaken will assist and inform the debate on this key community facility and we look forward to continuing  to contribute to that discussion”.
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