Holiday hours

21/12/2018 10:00 a.m.

Council offices

The Council offices in Te Awamutu and Cambridge will be closed from 5pm on Friday 21 December 2018 and open again from 8am on Thursday 3 January 2019.

​If you have any enquiries you can still call 0800WAIPADC (0800 924 723) at any time as our phoneline is staffed 24/7.

Recycling collection

There is no recycling collection on public holidays. When there is a public holiday, recycling collection will be one day later than usual. This means that areas which normally have a Friday collection will have their recycling collected on Saturday. The exception to this is when two public holidays fall in the same week, then collections will occur on one of those public holidays. ​

Unsure when to put your crate out? Find your recycling day with our Collection Day Finder tool.


The Waipa District Libraries' opening hours over the holiday period are listed below.​

​Saturday 22 December9.30am - 1pm
​Sunday 23 December​Closed
​​​Monday 24 December​​Closed
​Tuesday 25 December
​​Wednesday 26 December ​Closed
​Thursday 27 December ​9am - 5pm
​Friday 28 December​9am - 5pm
​​Saturday 29 December ​​​9.30am - 1pm
​Sunday 30 December​Closed
​Monday 31 December​Closed
​Tuesday 1 January​Closed
​​Wednesday 2 January​Closed
​​Thursday 3 January​Normal hours resume


Opening hours over the holiday period for Te Awamutu Museum​ are listed below.
​​Friday 21 December10am – 4pm
​Saturday 22 December10am – 2pm
​​Sunday 23 DecemberClosed
​Monday ​24 December​Closed
​Tuesday ​25 December​Closed
​Wednesday 26 December​​Closed
​​Thursday 27 December​​​10am – 4pm
​Friday ​28 December​​​10am – 4pm
​​Saturday 29 Dece​mber​​10am – 2pm
​​Sunday 30 December​​Closed
Monday 31 December​​​​10am – 4pm
​Tuesday 1 January​Closed
​Wednesday 2 January​​​​10am – 2pm​
​Thursday 3 January​​​​10am – 4pm

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