Key roading projects to begin in Cambridge North

​​​19 January 2016

Preparations are underway for two key Cambridge North roading projects. 

Work on the projects, which support future development in the Cambridge North area, will start from 18 January.

Project one - Norfolk Drive and  Victoria Road
Later this year Norfolk Drive will extend to Victoria Road and become a main travel route from Cambridge North to Victoria Road and the expressway. A start date hasn’t been set for this project yet – but from 18 January work will begin on Victoria Road at the point where the two roads will meet. Work includes:
  • Constructing the junction where Norfolk Road will meet Victoria Road.
  • Getting ready for Waipa’s first Council traffic lights to be installed at the junction.
The work shouldn’t cause any major disturbance but there may be traffic management on Victoria Road at different times during the project.

Project two - Upper Swayne Road
Work will begin at Upper Swayne Road (from Tulip Drive to the Waikato Expressway) from 25 January. Work includes:
  • Adding kerb and footpath to the currently rural road. 
  • Starting to construct a new road junction that will lead into a future housing development.
  • Extending water and wastewater services to this new area.
  • Building a swale (open water channel) along the expressway boundary (towards Watkins Road) to convey storm water.
Diggers and other machinery will be onsite but the work is not expected to affect traffic or Council services.

Robin Walker, Senior Project Manager says the work is in response to the number of people wanting to move to Cambridge.

“Cambridge has become an attractive place to live, more and more people want to move here and it is predicted that growth will continue to soar over the next 10-15 years.

We need to ensure our infrastructure is prepared for the growth, this includes water supply, wastewater, footpaths and landscaping. We also need to make sure Cambridge North connects well to the Waikato Expressway, and that traffic is directed in the most efficient and direct way.”

With work expected to continue over the next six months, residents are asked to sign-up to email updates to stay informed on the project and receive timely information.

To sign up and to learn more about the plans, visit​​

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