New reservoir rises

26 August 2014
Te Awamutu's very own phoenix is rising from the dust as the new $5.2 million water reservoir and pump station takes shape.

Already more than 100 cubic meters of concrete has been poured and 7.8 tonnes of reinforcing steel placed to construct the floor slab. 

The reservoir fits together like a giant Lego set. Six roof beams weighing 10 tonnes each have been lifted into place on their 6.6 metre high columns, ready to be coupled together.  The beams and columns form part of the internal roof support and each needed a 55-tonne crane to lift them into place.  

The reservoir is built from the centre outwards. Despite their size, each column was positioned with pinpoint accuracy to make sure that the final pieces of the jigsaw, 91 12-meter long roof beams, fit exactly into place.

The water reservoir will support both the Te Awamutu and Pirongia townships as well as provide extra capacity during times of peak water use and for fire fighting.

The new reservoir will hold 6,000 cubic metres (the equivalent of just over two Olympic sized swimming pools) of water; will be eight and half metres high and 35 meters in diameter and will be completed by early 2015. Already, more than 3,500 work hours have been expended on the site.  

Waipa District Council will plant more than 2,000 trees and shrubs around the perimeter to lessen the visual impact of the reservoir on the rural landscape.

NOTE: The wooden rails visible in the photographs will not form part of the permanent structure. They are barriers to enable people to work on the reservoir roof safely. 


Technical enquiries:  please contact: Lorraine Kendrick, Manager Water Services, 027 293 2441

Media enquiries: please contact Jeanette Tyrrell (on behalf of Council) 027 5077 599

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