Plans released for destination playground

​14 August 2017

Te Awamutu’s new destination playground may be ready by Christmas. 

Waipa District Council has released plans for a revamped and extended playground in Selwyn Park, linked to the wider Te Awamutu hub incorporating the Trust Waikato Events Centre and new library.  Playground plans include ideas from the community following a consultation process in September last year. 

Plans released for destination playground

Community facilities manager Bruce Airey said construction of the playground will begin in October and "all going well" will be ready for families this summer. 

Plans and funding arrangements for the new bike skills park were currently being finalised, he said.  More details would be released as soon as they were available. 

“One of the playground features we are most excited about is the new fenced under-five play area which is something many people told us they wanted," Airey said.

“But there are a whole lot of other features the community will be pleased and excited about including new playground equipment, a slide and balance area and a water play area. It will be a fantastic community park that will attract people to the area and encourage much better use of what is a shared public space."

The new playground area will include a grass terraced barbeque area with seating and picnic areas. The bike park will be next to the existing Te Awamutu rose gardens where some roses have been moved to help accommodate the new facilities. The vast majority of gardens remain intact.  

Airey said concerns that the gardens were being "destroyed" to make way for a bike park were completely unfounded.

"The vast majority of rose gardens are untouched but will now be linked much more closely to other public spaces, including the playground.  We think that will encourage more people to visit and enjoy the gardens and that's a good thing."

A walking tour of the rose gardens to explain the changes will begin at the Te Awamutu i-SITE at 3pm on Wednesday 16 August.

For more information, contact: Simone van Asbeck, 027 564 7622

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