Rates rise confirmed

​27 June 2017

Waipa District Council has today confirmed an average 2% rates rise for the 2017-18 year.

The rise is lower than the 3.15% increase originally projected in its 10-Year Plan.  The saving is largely from lower debt levels, lower depreciation costs, increased fees from growth and the use of operating surpluses.

However the rates increase may be skewed by independent property valuations completed late last year. The valuations saw the capital value of Waipa properties increase by an average of 23.1%. Properties with valuations significantly more or less than the average will see that reflected in their rates.

Fourteen submissions were received on the draft Annual Plan which sets the rates.  Following those submissions, Council granted some additional funds, including:

  • ​​boosting funding to Te Awamutu Commsafe and Cambridge Safer Communities Charitable Trust (now funded at $20,000 each annually)
  • $100,000 to support Waipa Closed Circuit Television
  • a small increase to Community Boards’ funding to match growth
  • $11,250 to support the Climax 1317 Trust to complete elements of the Climax engine restoration.

The additional funding was largely offset by additional rates revenue as a result of growth.  The total rates to be collected from the district next year will be $51.4 million.  

The capital works budget for the coming year has increased to $54.7 million following a shift in some capital works.  Over the next financial year, the Council will require a net increase in external borrowings of $14 million.

For more information, contact: Jeanette Tyrrell 027 5077 599

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