Speed limits – what you told us

1/05/2019 3:00 p.m.

​1 May 2019

More than 84 per cent of people who weighed in on the recent speed limits bylaw agree it is time to slow our speed.

In February, Waipa District Council proposed over 200 changes to speed limits on roads across the Waipā district in order to make our roads safer.

The proposed changes include 40km/h areas in both Te Awamutu and Cambridge town centres, more 50 and 60km/h zones in urban areas, more 60 and 80km/h zones in rural areas and lower speeds near schools.

Road corridor manager Bryan Hudson said the majority of people recognised that slower speeds meant safer roads and supported Council’s proposals.

“Crash data tells us that vehicles travelling at a slower speed will significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death. Even a change of 10 or 20km/h can make a real difference to road safety without adding much travel time to our trip.”

Changes to speed limits were proposed after extensive engagement with the public on road safety in August last year.

Hudson said the changes were a “first step” towards Council’s overall plan to improve road safety. Council were also planning to add more pedestrian crossings, widen roads and add cycle lanes across the district. 

The proposed changes have been supported by key road safety partners including NZ Police, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and New Zealand Automobile Association (AA).

Councillors will hear verbal submissions on the bylaw in June before it is formally adopted by Council in July.

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