Summer water restrictions end

11 March 2011
A wet forecast and a drop in household water use have put an end to summer water restrictions in the Waipa district.
Waipa District Council's water services manager Bob Shaw said summer water restrictions will end on Friday, March 18.
That meant there was no longer any restrictions on the use of sprinklers.
He said Niwa's prediction of above average rainfall from March to May, the slightly cooler weather which had resulted in a drop in demand and healthy levels in the district's water supplies, were sound reasons to lift the restrictions.
He said the community had strongly supported the restrictions and he wished to thank everyone for their goodwill and support.
"It's Council job to manage water supply and demand. If it rained all summer we probably wouldn't have restrictions - but most people wouldn't be very happy about that! The restrictions do require a small change in behaviour, but it's worth it so that we can all enjoy a classic, hot kiwi summer."
Summer water restrictions are put in place annually from November.
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