Waipā takes on Plastic Free July

2/07/2019 12:00 a.m.

2 July 2019

Say goodbye to plastic bags, cups, straws and other single use plastics this month to play your part in Plastic Free July. 

Waipa District Council is encouraging all residents to join in the global movement so together we can make sure our streets, green spaces, rivers and lakes are clean and beautiful.

Council waste Minimisation officer, Sally Fraser said making small changes in our everyday lives would make reducing plastic usage a much simpler task. 

“Remembering your reusable shopping bags or using a reusable coffee cup instead of a disposable one, swapping plastic straws for metal and using refillable glass or metal water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles are all easy ways we can help contribute to the plastic free goal.”  

Fraser said Plastic Free July was a great way to get people thinking about their own contributions to plastic waste as well as encourage communities to work together to tackle the issue. 

“Each year the average Waipā household puts out 195kgs of recycling and 468kgs of waste. Across the whole district that’s around 22,000 tonnes or 3,600 adult elephants. If we can reduce that amount by even a fraction, it will make a huge difference.” 

Fraser said it was important for people to try and live sustainably beyond July too by remembering the three R’s and utilising the Waipā Way to think more meaningfully about reducing their environmental footprint.   

1. Reduce – look at ways to reduce your plastic when you’re out and about. Say no to straws, single use plastic bags and take your own bags, cutlery, coffee cups where possible.
2. Reuse – refilling the containers you already have is a great way to reuse them – just make sure they’re clean and sterile. It’s great to recycle but even better to reuse or repurpose.
3. Recycle – the new recycle service has just been launched which enables residents to recycle plastics 1-7, tins, cardboard, paper and glass bottles and jars.  

As part of our commitment to Plastic Free July, Council will be running two stalls where people can learn about reducing their plastic use by refilling home cleaning and personal care products in containers they already have. One stall will be outside Te Awamutu library from 8am on 13 July and another will be placed at the Cambridge Trash and Treasure market from 9am on 14 July.  

Both stalls will also be handing out 10 per cent discount vouchers for Ecostore products at Bin Inn Wholefoods Te Awamutu and Forage with the Storeroom in Te Awamutu joining in later this month when they open their doors. Vouchers are valid until 31 December 2019.

To take part in the movement head to plasticfreejuly.org and register. The website has some great information on other ways to reduce plastic and stories from others who have managed to reduce or eliminate plastic from their lives. You can also find tips on how to minimise waste on the council website, waipadc.govt.nz/wasteminimisation​.
Page reviewed: 02 Jul 2019 5:05pm