Waipa District Council supports regional rate in principle

26 August 2011
Waipa District Council is supporting the introduction of a regional rate for the proposed national cycling centre of excellence, subject to its submission being ratified at Tuesday’s council meeting.
The proposal to support the regional rate was signalled at a workshop last week and timed to meet Waikato Regional Council’s August 22 deadline for submissions. 
Chief Executive Garry Dyet said the council had reconfirmed its support of using a regional rate to fund activities/services/facilities that were of regional significance and benefit. 
Waipa District Council had previously indicated its preference for a single rate to fund the $7m sought from Waikato Regional Council by the Home of Cycling Trust. 
“This preference was signalled on the basis of a differential rating approach, where those areas closest to the proposed centre would be rated at a higher level commensurate with the resulting level of benefit.  However, the Waikato Regional Council chose not to proceed to consultation with this as a funding option,” he said.
“Of the two rating options included in the Statement of Proposal, Waipa District Council supports the region-wide targeted rate (uniform charge) of $3.18 per annum. This option is supported on the basis that Waipa District ratepayers are not differentiated from other ratepayers in the Waikato Region.”
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