Wheelie bins are here

26/04/2019 9:00 a.m.

​26 April 2019

More than 42,000 wheelie bins will be delivered to Waipā households starting next month as the district’s new recycling service gets closer.

During May and June all recycling rated residential properties will receive two bins: a 240-litre bin for household plastics 1-7, tins, cans, paper and cardboard (collected fortnightly) and a 140-litre bin for glass (collected monthly).

These bins are to use from 1 July 2019 when Waipa District Council’s new recycling service kicks in.

All wheelie bins will have an address printed on a white sticker on the right-hand side of the bin which owners can use for identification. They are also electronically chipped and assigned to individual properties so they can be easily identified by Council.

Group manager – service delivery Barry Bergin said it was important householders checked they had the right bins when they arrive to avoid issues later on.

“Residents who do not have the correct wheelie bin should speak with neighbours first or call Council if they cannot be located.

“Those who do not receive their bins within the estimated delivery time shouldn’t be concerned, we have a lot of bins to deliver and we are getting to you.”

Council contractors will be delivering 800 to 1000 wheelie bins per day using four large curtain sider trucks.  A yellow information booklet with information about what can and what can’t be recycled will also be delivered with the bins.

Council will release more  information about wheelie bins, including collection days, closer to the time.

Households must continue to use existing blue crates until 1 July as wheelie bins will not be collected before this time.

The new recycling contract will have no impact on rubbish collection in the Waipā district. Rubbish collection will continue to be a private service offered to people on a user-pays basis only; rubbish collection is not managed by Council.

For more information about the new service, please visit waipadc.govt.nz/recycling or call Council on 0800 924 723.

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