Drone use in Waipa


In late August, Council decided to take a fairly permissive approach to new Civil Aviation Authority rules that require drone operators to get approval before flying over Council owned land, parks or facilities.

This was in response to the Civil Aviation Authority releasing new rules and guidelines to address safety issues following huge growth in the use of drones and other remotely piloted aircraft systems.

 Map of drone restricted areas 
 Drone use policy


Here you will find the information you need to learn how to operate your drone safely, plan all your UAV flights and request access to controlled airspace​.

​Click here: www.airshare.co.nz​​

What’s happe​​ning now

Council has developed a draft policy with maps identifying permitted and restricted areas to guide drone and model aircraft users. This will mean users won’t have to approach Council to ask for permission and only need to refer to the maps.

The draft Policy was d​iscussed at the  Strategic Planning and Policy Committee on 6 Octobe​r. 

​Civil Aviation Aut​hority Rules

We​ advise that before you fly, you check Civil Aviation Authority Rules here.

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