Cambridge wastewater pipe bridge

In January 2018 we started work to upgrade the Cambridge wastewater pipe and the pipe bridge which crosses the Waikato river. The project is essential to cater for growth and future-proof our infrastructure.

What's involved?

Wastewater from residential properties north of the Waikato River is piped across the river to our treatment plant on the Leamington side of town. The pipe is running at full capacity and is not big enough to cater for present and projected future growth in Cambridge. The pipe bridge, located by the Gaslight Theatre, is also due for replacement.

We will be replacing the current pipe and pipe bridge. The bridge also needs to be strengthened to bring the whole structure up to modern standards, including earthquake resistant.

Project update - July 2018

Since January, we have:

  • constructed 550m of construction access, crane pads, and creek crossing
  • temporarily relocated 200m of gas main
  • relocated 70m of underground power cables
  • excavated approximately 400m3 of material 
  • installed approximately 130Lm of new pipes (above and below ground) 
  • completed 10 concrete foundation structures.

The next stage is to connect the new sewer pipe to the existing sewer network. We'll be doing this work at night because there is less sewage flow.

Night work will be underway from 6pm Tuesday 3 July - 7am Wednesday 4 July.

To complete the works we will have lighting, mobile cranes, diesel pumps, generators and power tools for cutting, welding and bolting. 

We apologise in advance for any disturbance to residents in the area.  You will still be able to use your water and wastewater as usual.  

Project update - June 2018

We're approximately halfway through construction now and progress is going well.

Te Awa River Ride diversion

While work is underway there is a diversion in place for the Te Awa River Ride near the Gaslight Theatre.

The red line below shows the part of the River Ride that will be closed from 7 February - October 2018. The blue lines show the alternate routes that re-join you with the Te Awa River Ride.

We understand the Hall Street and Vogel Street route has steep inclines, we apologise for the inconvenience but this is the safest detour route.

Both detours are clearly signposted. 



Work will be done from Monday to Friday, 7am-sunset and on some Saturdays from 8am-4pm.  No work will be undertaken on Sundays.

The project is expected to be finished by October 2018.


The project has a tendered cost of $7.7 million and is being completed by Fulton Hogan.


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