Waikeria wastewater pipeline

​​Waikeria wastewater pipelineCouncil are working with Department of Corrections to build a brand new wastewater connection for the Waikeria Prison, including a 10km wastewater pipeline from the Prison through to Kihikihi. 

The new connection will improve the health of the Pūniu River catchment, as treated wastewater from the Prison will no longer discharge into the Mangatutu Stream (instead being treated to higher standard at Te Awamutu waste water treatment plant).  We’ll also be making improvements to the wastewater network in Te Awamutu to provide for future growth.

September 2019

Waipa District Council and the Department of Corrections have awarded the $22.4 million dollar contract to build the wastewater pipeline from Waikeria Prison to Kihikihi. Construction will start in September 2019 and is expected to take 14 months to complete.​


In June 2018, the Government announced it will increase the capacity of the existing Waikeria Prison site.  A new facility accommodating 500 prisoners and a new mental health facility accommodating a further 100 prisoners are due to be completed by 2022.

Corrections and Council have agreed to transfer the wastewater from the Prison to Council’s wastewater treatment plant in Te Awamutu.

​The project involves expanding the Te Awamutu treatment plant, constructing a new pumped pressure system from the Prison to Kihikihi and upgrading the existing wastewater network in Te Awamutu between the Albert Park pump station and the treatment plant to cater for growth.

Progress so far

  • A detailed design of the new wastewater system has been completed
  • Spartan Construction has been awarded the $22.4 million dollar contract to build the pipeline
  • Construction will start in September 2019  

Key milestones 

  • Final design confirmed: March 2019
  • Tender for construction contract: August 2019
  • Construction: September 2019
  • Complete: late 2020

Media releases

 29 August - Waikeria wastewater pipeline contract awarded.​

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